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  • The $12 Dollar Bolex Video Assist
    The $12 Dollar Bolex Video Assist
    The first thing I noticed when I got my Bolex H-16 Rex 5 was that I simply couldn’t be bothered; to hold that thing to my eye that is. You see, the Bolex is heavy. Much heavier than any of my digital camera and for good reason....
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  • Bolex Blimp
    Bolex Blimp
    This is the Bolex blimp for the H-16 I just bought off of eBay. It’s a pretty fantastic find. It came with a motor inside for continuous filming. I created this sample video to give an idea of the noise reduction capabilities of the Bolex blimp. In...
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  • How I Met My Tuba
    How I Met My Tuba
    I’m shacked up with a tuba. Yes, you read correctly. I’m shacked up with a tuba and I’m going to tell you the incredible story of how we met. OK, so it’s a pretty common story but it’s still cool nonetheless. Since I’ve already given an in-depth...
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  • My Guitar Made Me Do It
    My Guitar Made Me Do It
    My first guitar lesson was October, 31, 2010 and my last lesson was June 5, 2011 and they were every other week. I feel like I’ve learned a lot during that time period, however, I had some concerns during my lesson stretch and it was only after...
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