Domino Effect

By Tressa Sanders – “Domino Effect was created while participating in a writing exercise where a writer looks at a picture then writes a story using the picture. I used four pictures instead of one. This version of this story can not be reproduced unless you obtain […]

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Fatherless Child

Fatherless Child by Tressa Sanders There are times when one cannot even begin to comprehend the frailty of the human psyche. It is at these times when cruelty becomes the weapon of choice; its force twisting and burrowing into the depths of one’s mind; pulling from it, […]

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Expectations By Tressa Sanders Hot sun rays kiss your skin Downy cotton clouds fill your eyes as they dance by The smell and feel of heat fills you with a deep, erotic, warmth Illuminated beauty surrounds you A beautiful day is what I’m expected to be I, […]

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Weakest One

Weakest One By Tressa Sanders My heart slowly sounds its lullaby Ever so slowly now… Weakened from struggle Futility Its strength diminishing Its fight lost I hardly notice you towering above me Chest swelling with pride Hands dripping with my life Knowing victory I am the weaker […]

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