Guerrilla Film Challenge Bust

We had so much fun making a film for the 48 Hour Film Challenge I decided to enter the Guerrilla Film Challenge as well. I will never do it again. The Guerrilla Film Challenge simply doesn’t have the same active energy as a local, in-person, film challenge.

The Guerrilla Film Challenge is another film challenge where you have 48 hours to make a film. However, it’s entirely online. The only thing “unique” about it is that you can choose when your 48 hour time clock starts during the challenge period. So not only is there no in-person interaction with other teams but you aren’t even making your films at the same time. Think about it… What’s the point then?

The truth is, we could all make a random film on our own. We don’t really need a film challenge to do it. So there as to be something more than just giving teams a random genre and line of dialogue and a time frame. And speaking of genres and lines of dialogue…. In my personal, subjective opinion, the Guerrilla Film Challenge really dished out a dud in this area. Our random genre was “EPIC”. … in 48 hours? Really? I looked at my two-person cast and had no choice but to use the “Danger Bucket”. We ended up getting “Vampire Teen Romance”. Yuck! I looked at my two-female cast and had to get creative. I guess that’s the point right?

In a sleepy haze, I cooked up a little something for the genre and we went for it. Luckily, it worked out really well. Which is more than I can say for the required line. The required line was “they gave me the wrong size pants. But I’ll have to make due.”. Say what?!

Let’s just compare the Guerrilla Film Challenge required dialogue with the one we had with the 48 Hour Film Challenge. The one for the 48 Hour Film Challenge was “He never tells me anything.” The line of dialogue for the 48 Hour Film project can be used to show the depth of a relationship between two people, move the story forward or create a certain “mood” within the story. The line of dialogue for the Guerrilla Film Challenge is useless and can’t do any of these things. Needless to say the line had no place at all in our “Teen Vampire Romance” and it wasn’t included. Although I do admit I was so tired when I wrote the script I simply forgot to add it but I’m glad I did because it would have just been a line delivered for no good reason. This is still a skill building exercise. Giving lines that don’t enhance or move the story forward isn’t helpful.

In the end, I never submitted our film. About 6 hours before the deadline I made a decision not to submit our film. I’m glad I did.

The genre and dialogue quirks are just a part of the challenge but I really felt the Guerrilla Film Challenge just wasn’t exciting or enriching in any way. It’s too disconnected.

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