Movie Review: Wild Side

I had to blog about Wild Side because it is the craziest movie I’ve seen in a while. It just makes no sense… and I think I like it!

Ok. Ok. Ok. So what’s the plot?

**Spoiler Alert**
An investment banker (Anne Heche) buys a house with an ocean view which she can’t afford so she has to moonlight as a $1500 a night call girl who is forced by a federal agent, who is both weird and a rapist, to setup a guy who launders money (Christopher Walken) who used to be married to an Asian woman (Joan Chen), and even cuts and dyes his hair to look like hers, who helps him launder money at the investment banker/call girl’s bank by going there and pretending she has a shoe company and whose money laundering boyfriend later falls in love with the investment banker/call girl who asks said investment banker/call girl to seduce his ex-wife and the two women fall in love and run away with each other.

Is that not the craziest thing you’ve ever heard? Well close anyway. *Smile* So… why do I dig Wild Side so much?

Because it’s silly and full of great lines.
“You’re here to do Mr. Huge”
“I’m lucky cause you’re fucky.”
“It’s my feelings you raped”.

Overall, Wild Side is a great low-budget movie. I also like the “guerrilla-ness” of it. In one scene you will notice the shot was too dark and someone flicked on a light in the middle of the shot. The characters are all strange and a bit psychotic as well. But in a “Why would you say a crazy thing like that?” kind of way.

The acting was also incredible. Wild Side definitely has several “Sizzle” moments where the chemistry between the characters/actors is real-world believable. The most notable moments were: 1. The “visceral is an animal” restaurant scene with Joan Chen & Anne Heche, 2. The ankle bracelet bathroom scene with Joan Chen & Anne Heche, 3. The “Pretend I’m a woman and I have eyelashes” hotel room scene with Anne Heche & Christopher Walken, and 4. The “Life is Extreme” living room scene at the end with Anne Heche & Christopher Walken (my personal favorite).

What I don’t like about Wild Side is that 1. we could have definitely done without the racial slur towards Joan Chen’s character made by the federal agent and 2. Anne Heche’s character was raped by the federal agent and on top of that she wasn’t able to report it. When she did they told her she could be arrested for prostitution, etc. I think the film could have been better without this element and I think it was an irresponsible use of violence. I have my own theory about when rape and other violence is appropriate and useful in films. I’ll point it out when I do a review of “Straightheads” with Gillian Anderson. Horrible, horrible movie but I’ll explain why in another post.

I pretty much liked Wild Side because it had a unique story, a great cast, and looked like someone rolled out of bed in the morning called up their best friend and said “hey, let’s make a movie.” and the friend said “Sure, why not?”.

  1. All I can start by saying is Im so happy to have discovered your article on this film Wild Side. It blew me away and I think it was more so because I have obsessed myself with quotes from this film for years on end since I was in my early teens. Wild Side is so insane and intense I cant begin to explain how I felt to even discover your piece was only recently posted. The “Life is Extreme” scene is my personal favourite too, the scene sends goose bumps down my spine and this is exactly how I found your amazing article because I really wanted to know more about that scene. Christopher Walkin is phenominal and I will not even bother watching the Original released version for obvious reasons.
    We need more films like this and yes its about Power.

  2. I’ve very glad that you enjoyed the article and the film! I agree it is quite an interesting movie. It has so many subtle sprinkles of genius throughout. The ending is definitely my favorite and you are right CW’s acting was very intense. When I first watched the “Life is Extreme” scene I had to rewind it, I was like “What?” I just didn’t expect that level of amazing. :)

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