Voscast Review: Shoutcast Hosting Gone Wrong

I don’t want to spend too much time on this Voscast review but felt it was necessary given the lack of reviews for this company online. One only has to take a peek at this company’s own Facebook page to get an idea of the kind of service you’ll be getting. Outage! Outage! Outage! Outage! Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! This company is a poor host for streaming radio and has poor customer service. We put up with constant outages with for over a year. Then suddenly, we received two messages from Voscast BUT nothing from PayPal that our subscription payment had failed. This has never happened before. Paypal wasn’t even showing that a payment was attempted. I submitted a support ticket at to inform them of the problem and ask them to check anything they could no their end. Meanwhile, we were trying to figure out what was going on with our PayPal account. We have several active subscriptions and this one was the only one with this problem. replied that there was nothing they could check and to contact PayPal. Then our account was deactivated.

Over a year of automatic, uninterrupted payments and one missed one due to a problem out of our control and we were investigating, our account is deactivated. As a consumer, it’s quite the insult that we’ve put up with their “growing pains” of constant outages just to be discarded for one missed payment of $16.95 not paid because of something that was going on with PayPal for which we had no time to remedy. Really? threw away a regularly paying customer for $16.95 that of course they would have gotten when the problem was fixed. As a business owner myself, I can’t imagine doing something so foolish.

But again, just visit their Facebook page and read all the comments… nothing but outages and they rarely respond. I felt a formal Voscast review was needed.

I also need to add they never give refunds. So if your station is offline because of one of their many outages, they don’t issue any type of credit or refund. Basically, they do nothing to make up for their shortcomings.

In the end, it was a blessing. We were able to find a new host within minutes and were delighted to find out our new host offers so much more for the same price. We were actually accepting much less by way of service and tools when were were with anyway. With the new host, we were back up and running within 20 minutes.

After reading this Voscast review, Voscast refunded every cent I ever paid for my account and offered some excuse about the quality of their “old servers” and a suggestion to open a new account. “Thank you” for my money back but “No thank you” on a new account. Had I not cancelled my account and written this Voscast review, the madness would have continued and therein lies the problem.

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  1. Please tell me how this organisation VOSCAST is still able to operate when they are complete and utter frauds… I bet the testimonial written on their website is written by “BryanC” himself

    VOSCAST is a one man band, and the owner Bryan C is a liar. I contacted him via live chat 3 times before buying their service asking the same 2 simple questions. Is your service able to support music and speech? What equipment do you need? Etc…

    The first questioned was answered with a yes of course we can … And the second was answered with a link to the resource pages

    None the less 19 days later it turns out that they don’t support the stereo setup that allows you to broadcast and speech, the infamous Bryan C has known this from day 1 when he greedily took our money and so graciously spent his time setting up our radio station – ( the dead duck that would never quack!)

    Bryan C knew we would never in a month of Sundays be able to broadcast music and speech, but just allowed us to keep struggling on, spending more money on equipment and advice … And still nothing, but white noise and slice where speech is suppose to go.

    Yesterday when I confronted Bryan C about it I was left to deal with Jospeh D another slippery snake, just regurgitating parts of previous chats out of context to support his lack of knowledge and hide the fact the he is fully aware of the fraud. So really just giving me more BS

    I expect a refund from VOSCAST because in any other retail circumstances you have 28 days to return items – and when items are faulty and don’t do what they claim they should do, you should get a full refund.

    The Voscast website should be banned, not only do they use software that anyone can download for free from the Internet, they claim that they are giving you THIS. software for free !, in addition they are not qualified to support the service they are running. They have no understand beyond taking your money and showing you how to set up a dead duck,

    Winamp is becoming obsolete another fact they failed to mentioned.

    I am so sick and tired of all the parasites on the internet just thriving off innocent people and killing people enthusiasm.

    Bryan C I hope you read this review, you can give me a refund or you can can continue to be a complete lying deceitful twit, but just remember KARMA and I promise you she is the mother of all refunds… Enjoy your lying and deceiving GOOD LUCK WITH running your business on that energy pal.

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